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New Blog Alert! July 17, 2007

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I like reading blogs with differentn sized lettering, color, etc.

WordPress, however wonderful it is, confuses me.

Therefore, I have switched providers.

My new blog is here!

Check it out :]


Oh! Shiny! July 9, 2007

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I am a sucker for anything shiny. After seeing this tutorial up on Craftster, I was inspired to step out of my sewing rut. It seemed easy, and the end result pictured was simply chic.

Over to Joann’s I headed, in hopes of finding some cheap (sale, possibly?) silk. Fourteen+ dollars a yard was a bit out of my price range, so instead I opted for the cheaper, “silk-y” fabric in a plain royal blue color. The only thing was, the fabric was 100% polyester…cringe!

Following the pattern roughly (I added a few centimeters, thinking I was a bit bigger than the girl in the picture learning later I was mistaken) I created my first dress out of hard-to-work-with polyester. It took me about an afternoon’s time, and I’m loving the result for the most part. The sleeves are a bit hard to move in, and I need to get my hands on some liquid seam stuff for the raw edges on the inside.

Sapphire Dress


A new dish July 7, 2007

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Last night was spent making a linguine with clam sauce recipe from the July issue of Real Simple.


I’ll admit it: I’m not a huge fan of seafood. I want to like it, but the only fish I can easily eat are salmon and tuna. My parents love pretty much all types though, and I thought it’d be fun to watch the clams open up as they were being cooked.

Bowl of Clams
(Real Simple told me the clams needed to “breathe” and be kept on ice)

The recipe itself was extremely simple to follow. Everyone seemed to be pleased with the result!

Linguine with Clam Sauce


A little lovin’ July 6, 2007

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After flipping through the Summer 2007 issue of Adorn Magazine, I came across my new favorite Flickr group: Wardrobe_remix.

Members post pictures of what they’re wearing that day. I posted my first one today!

What I wore, 7/6/07

Check this group out if you have a Flickr account (If you don’t, why not create one? It’s free!). I’m sure the photos will inspire you to mix and match your own wardrobe pieces in ways you never previously imagined.


A fresh start June 27, 2007

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I woke up this morning with an unnatural amount of energy (could it be the Rockstar energy drink I drank late last night?) and realized that the time had come. Yes, it has been five days since school ended for me, and it was about time I organize/clean my small craft area. Crafting this summer will be my new primary source of income; a clean workspace is essential for any indie crafter!

The dreaded before picture. I had actually already started sorting things into piles at this point, so it is more like a work in progress shot.

And all done!
The first shelf is being used for college stuff and sewing supplies minus my fabric and patterns (hah, that has a trunk of its own in my closet). Shelf number two holds various paper-related supplies, as well as art supplies. The top shelf is for those misc. items that have no category, as well as my AP studio art supply bin full of supplies.

This is my yarn storage tub, located now under my bed. I tried to organize the yarn by color. The random yarn bits, hooks, and needles are housed in the smaller tub within.
Yarn organization

I was lucky enough to find the hat boxes pictured at Highly Atomic, a vintage clothing store in upstate New York that is now going out of business. The are perfect for hiding random bits and pieces!

Isn’t trying to organize all those craft supplies a difficult task? 😛


Cutesy tote May 4, 2007

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It’s been a while since I last sewed something. My sewing machine’s tension got pretty messed up, and I had to get it fixed. Fiftey-two dollars later, it works like a charm! (Er, sort of. I had a few problems with it again recently, but nothing I couldn’t fix myself)

One of my best friend’s birthday was last Thursday, and I knew I wanted to sew her a tote bag of some sort. After receiving the outer fabric from a previous swap, I knew I had to use it. I absolutely adore the design!

Baked Goods Tote, View 1
Inside Baked Goods Tote
Detail 2

The inside fabric used was the first fabric I ever bought for myself, and the denim handles were recycled from an old pair of jeans.

I’m very proud of this one due the amount of time spent on it! My friend loved it, too.


ATCilious March 20, 2007

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I’ve been busy over at the PQR ATC Swap on Craftster. I’ve received 2 of the 3 so far.
Here is the one jan_on_ice sent me. “P” is for Peeping Tom.
And the one banga sent. “Q” is for Query. It was her first attempt at a zetti card and I think it’s great!

Finally, these three I sent out; I really like how they came out, too 🙂
“P” is for Pleats.
“Q” is for Quadrilaterals.
“R” is for Recipes.

If only I had joined this swap back when it was on A …
I guess I’ll have to find some willing ATCers to help me craft my collection!